The Friends of Cale Green Park

Welcome to the Friends of Cale Green Park website. If you want to get in touch with us or make a comment or suggestion about the website,  just drop us a note using the "Send a message" section at the very bottom of this page...  And be sure to follow us on Facebook.
The Cale Green Park Residents Association is the muscle behind the Friends [actually, we're part of the Residents Association!]. If you want to get in touch with them, please go to their website. Just click on the link below:

Park Tidy Day This Saturday!

It's a Park Tidy Day this Saturday. It's time to rake the leaves, deadhead some plants and cut back some hedges... As always, everyone is welcome on the 8th of October from 10 am onward.

Hallam Gardens Refit

As many of you will know, Hallam Gardens is getting a major refit. Here's what will happen: Existing climbing frame will be repainted and the net will be replaced; the fence will be moved to allow a double bay swing to be installed [4]; a new rocker will be installed [1]; a spring flying saucer will be installed [2]; and a toddler springer will be installed [3]. In this latter case, we have a choice between a green dog, a blue cat, an orange duck, and a yellow chicken. To make room for the swings, the existing bench will be moved [5]. If you have any thoughts, please send them to us using the comment box at the bottom of this page, or post them on Facebook.

The Results are In! 

For two weeks [1-14 Sept], we had a polo to ask our followers on Facebook which toddler springer should be installed in Hallam Gardens. The winner, with over 53% of the votes was the orange duck. To see the results of the poll, click here

Thank you to everyone who came to our summer event. We raised over £1,800, but spent £1,300 putting on the event.

One of our committee members did an interview for Stockport Talking Newspaper
The interview is about the Friends of Cale Green Park, so we thought others might like to hear it. It's about 20 minutes long and the link is here 

In this interview, it's mentioned that we are planning to fix the bandstand in the park [new roof, etc]. The price mentioned to do all the repairs is £3,500, but it's going to cost us £35,000 to fix the bandstand. That's right - 35 THOUSAND pounds!

Mark Your Calendars

Two park events have been scheduled for 2016. The Summer event was held on 26 June and was a fantastic event. The Winter event will be held on Sunday, 4 December from 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm. More details about the attractions will follow nearer the date.

Trees in the Park Damaged By Dogs 

We have talked to the Tree Officer and he informs us that the damage shown on the right has been caused by dogs. Once the bark has been completely ripped off in a complete band around the tree, the tree is said to be girdled. A girdled tree can not survive, and it will die!

In the old days, they used to put grease around the base of the trees to prevent it from happening, but nowadays, they can't because someone might touch it and not like it. 

Could you please keep a look out to see if you can spot the offending dog and let us know? Please, do NOT confront the owner!
Damaged Trees

The Word from The Park

You may have noticed that there are two new picnic benches in the park. The Friends received a grant for one of the benches, and we decided to buy a second one from our savings. The Council paid for the installation.

Both our events last year were fantastic. Not only were they both well attended, but they were also our biggest money makers. The summer event this year broke all records! So don't miss the Christmas event. It's scheduled for 

    Sunday, 4 December   12:30 - 3:00

You may remember that the Cale Green Beer Festival was cancelled at the last minute last year. Our sources tell us that the Beer Festival will probably take place in September.

Interested in Using our Community Room?

The Friends of Cale Green Park want to hear from people who would be interested in using our Community Room to hold classes, meetings or parties. If enough people are interested, then we can apply for a grant to refurbish the room. The community room is located opposite the entrance to the bowling green. Please express your interest by sending us a note using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Basketball Courts

The backboards in the Basketball Courts have had a major refit. The backboards were broken, and the hoops were bent. The hoops and backboards have finally been replaced. However, we noticed that the new backboards have buckled, so we're trying to have that fixed. The Friends and the Council split the costs of the repairs. Thanks to Richard Booker for all his help in getting this done!

Park Benches

If you walk around the park, you will have noticed that the completed centre circle of benches opposite the band stand are in much better condition than the other park benches in the park, or for that matter, the band stand itself. The Friends of Cale Green Park [with a great deal of help from Steve Thompson] renovated the centre circle, but we're hoping to do something about the other benches in the park, and the band stand this year... We're also thinking of renovating the benches by the tennis courts.

Bells Paddock

Several months ago, the fence panels around Bells Paddock were repaired. A big thank you for that goes to Ian Walmsley for all his help in this matter. Equally impressive was when the panels were damaged by a car accident. Within a week, the Council had repaired the damage and you couldn't tell there had been an accident there. 

At the moment, the display board needs a replacement sheet of polycarbonate and a new lock. Also because of its position near the lyme trees, we need to change its orientation from a mostly horizontal board to a vertical one. This will take some time in the new year. Eventually, the board will contain a historical display similar to the one by the bandstand in Cale Green Park, but at the moment, we're using it as a notice board. We have taken it down to repair and re-orient. It should be up by the end of September

Trees in The Park

The mature lime tree by the Heath Crescent gates has been cut down to a tall stump. The tree has a fungus [easily visible near the base] which threatened its long-term stability. The stump will be removed and replaced with another lime tree in due course. 

Last year, a storm bought down a tree by the Heathfield Road gates (pictured here ). The tree has been removed and a pear tree has been planted next to it, to commemorate Trill's 90th birthday. We were going to pay for it, but Anthony Crook has given it to us as a gift. [Thank you, Anthony!] It produced one pear this year, and Trill was there to pick it [and eat it]. She assures us that the pear was delicious.
Fallen Tree

You may have noticed a couple of trees in the park have been cut down. One was a dead willow, and it will be replaced with a similar tree. The other was a tree that had been planted too close to another tree, and the crowns had grown together. The remaining tree will need some time to fill the resulting gap in its crown.

No Farmers Market This Year!

For four years, we ran an Easter Monday Farmers Market. It was always well attended regardless of the weather. But, Stockport Council has made organizing this event so time consuming that we decided not to hold another Farmers Market. If the red tape is cut, then we will consider running it again in the future [but definitely not 2016]. We are sorry about this, but we really had no choice in the matter. 

Melanie  Easter Bunny

The Results of the Parks Consultation

In 2013, the Council was planning a cut of £1 million. After the public outcry they reduced the size of the cut, and the Executive Committee passed the plans to make a £550,000 cut in the parks and open spaces budget. That's still a huge cut, and you can't help thinking that was the Council's plan all along.

The Cale Green Park Residents Association collected an impressive 645 signatures in their paper petition, and the first online petition collected a respectable 164 signatures.

The following is the full text of the Executive Summary from the Stockport Parks & Open Spaces Consultation (June 2013). 

This document reports the findings from a number of quantitative surveys designed to establish residents’ views on budget savings proposals for Parks and Open spaces in Stockport. In total, 1,051 face-to-face surveys were completed, spread across the Borough. Additionally, 2,037 residents completed an online survey and 498 residents chose to return a postal survey. The document also reports the findings from three focus group discussions; one with “Friends of” group representatives, one with Sports and Park User representatives, and one with the general public.

In the quantitative surveys, residents were asked to indicate the extent to which they either agree or disagree with the proposals using the scale: strongly agree, tend to agree, neither agree nor disagree, tend to disagree, strongly disagree and don’t know. For analysis purposes, the percent of residents answering “strongly agree” and “tend to agree” have been combined to produce an “overall agree” percent figure. Similarly, the proportion answering “tend to disagree” and “strongly disagree” have been combined to create an “overall disagree” percent. Those that answered “don’t know” to any of the proposals have been excluded from the analysis. The report also makes use of “net agree” percent figures. These are calculated by taking the percent of “overall agree” minus the percent of “overall disagree”.

 • Overall, the findings from the quantitative Borough wide face-to-face survey show no support for any of the thirteen proposals. The vast majority (twelve of the thirteen proposals) have negative “net agree” scores; these range from -7% to -88%.

 • At most, 47% of residents “overall agree” with the proposal to only remove graffiti in parks periodically. However, 46% “overall disagree” with this proposal. This proposal is the only “net agree” rating with a positive outcome - just 1%.

 • Findings from the online survey are equally opposed to the thirteen proposals with negative “net agree” scores ranging from -14% to -88%. For postal survey responses, the “net agree” scores range from -9% to -74%.

 • Within the focus groups, the “Friends of” representatives, and to a large extent the Sports and Park users representatives, were also against the proposals as they felt they are likely to disproportionally target their particular leisure activities, reducing their enjoyment, involvement and reason for being part of a group (the proposed savings account for over one-quarter of the parks and open spaces budget).

 • The proposal to stop support given by Solutions SK staff to Friends of Group task days, countryside volunteers and guided walks also includes the sentence: “the Council is working with Friends of Groups to enable them to work without support”. However, during the focus group discussion with “Friends of” groups, most were unaware of the Council having offered this support. These views are also expressed in “Friends of” comments from the online and postal questionnaire.

 • For participants in the resident group discussion, most were ambivalent to the majority of the proposals. The exceptions to these were the proposals to remove, rather than replace, damaged play equipment and/or park furniture, fences, gates and signage, and the reduction in litter picking frequency. For many, the primary reason for visiting the parks was for family days out and to take children to the play areas. They were therefore strongly against any proposals that would see the level of play equipment, seating and other park infrastructure diminish. Similarly, the likely build-up of rubbish and litter was seen to be unsightly and off-putting if visiting with friends and family.

 • Focus group participants indicated an underlying feeling that the Council was not being fully transparent in how and why these particular proposals had been decided; they suggested that sports and leisure services were always the first to suffer budgetary cuts and reductions. Participants therefore requested more information to allow them to assess whether leisure services are being, in their opinion, unduly targeted. Similar comments and requests for information and greater clarity were made during the face-to-face interviews and in comments within online and postal survey returns.

"It’s difficult to comment on certain issues without more information. Take the Pitch and Putt at Bruntwood Park… if it's very well used then there is a case to continue it. Do the users contribute to the cost? Can it be effectively manned by volunteers?
The parks fund is a minute part of the Council's budget and this appears to be a cowardly way to make savings. The intention to make savings now is short sighted as in the longer term, poor play spaces will lead to much more expensive problems for us to deal with." 
       Residents from survey returns

 • Another emerging theme was the potential knock-on effect and impact that the proposed cuts could have on people’s health and well-being. Residents questioned whether this potential impact had been considered, or whether it was simply about financial savings; “just the numbers being looked at”.

 • Older residents, especially those with a connection to Stockport’s bowling greens, were a particular group that questioned whether the impact of the proposals had been fully considered. However, as shown below, comments received from the quantitative surveys also highlighted this issue.

"Research into the value of parks contain evidence that they do provide long term benefits to health and well-being which can mean an overall financial gain in lessening the need for other services.
The proposals would increase park misuse and would leave Stockport as an anti-family orientated town. Stockport has a poor public image as it stands now and these proposals would only serve to support and further enhance this negative view. The Government has highlighted the important health considerations of children… and Councils have a duty to provide well maintained outdoor parks and playgrounds to support the governments drive for a healthier society.
The provision of parks and green spaces is proven to have a long term impact on mental health. They are a vital part of ensuring our young people have safe places to play and interact with others; if we reduce the quality of these spaces, we are likely to see an increase in anti-social behaviour and a cycle of disrespect for the open spaces we have."
       Residents from survey returns

 • Focus group participants also felt that the proposals were too vague and generic and sought to take a “one size fits all” approach to parks and open spaces maintenance. They suggested that, given the diversity in size and type of parks and open spaces across Stockport, a far more tailored approach should be taken.

 • 54% of residents participating in a survey chose to make comments on the proposals or make more general observations. These have been grouped into key themes.

 • For 44%, residents do not wish to see the proposals implemented and believe that parks and open spaces should be maintained or improved. Around one-quarter of comments focus on the need to provide play equipment and a safe environment for children.

 • 20% of all comments received focused on the proposals to reduce the number of bowling greens. The vast majority of comments are against this.


Based on the findings within this report, it is apparent that residents’ and stakeholder groups do not endorse any of the proposals for parks and open spaces.

Are Parks Vital?!

The “Blue Sky, Green Space” report (2010) highlights the benefits of quality green spaces. Using only facts and figures, it describes the benefits to health, communities, and the economic and environmental value of parks. Some of the key points include:
   The parks and green spaces in and around our towns and cities, improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of individuals. Their place is at the heart of our communities, helping to make them stronger and safer and ensuring that the places in which we live and work are more sustainable and attractive.
   Every year, well over half a million individual volunteers their time to work on green spaces in the UK. The economic value of their work is around £30 million per annum, the social return on investment at least four times that much, and the true value to society is immeasurable.
   Green spaces provide a wealth of opportunities for exercise and sport. Evidence shows a brisk walk every day, in a local green space, can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 50 per cent, strokes by 50 per cent, diabetes by 50 per cent, fracture of the femur by 30 per cent, colon cancer by 30 per cent, breast cancer by 30 per cent and Alzheimer’s by 25 per cent.
   Over 90 per cent of the UK population live in cities. Urban green space represents 14 per cent of the urban landmass and the quality of life available to urban populations largely depends on this 14 per cent. Air quality, air temperature, water and flood management, are all kept within manageable limits because of parks and green spaces.
   The health benefits green spaces bring directly impact on some of the largest areas of National Health Service expenditure in the UK.

The report also outlines a plan for the future, to build on the good work already done by green space managers, and to adapt to new challenges in the UK presented by localism and Big Society.

Park Tidy Days

Next Tidy Day: 8 October 2016

On the second Saturday of every month (from 10 am to 2 pm), the group gets together in the park for our Tidy Day. Depending on the time of year, we’ll plant bulbs, prune bushes, rake leaves, tidy up the fern garden, plant the flower tubs by the bandstand, or just do a bit of litter picking. Volunteers are always welcome, and we hope to see you there.

Our October tidy day is reserved for the annual bulb planting event. Last year, we planted tulips, daffodils and other spring bulbs in various places around the park. We also used our November tidy day to plant hundreds of bulbs in one small area of the park.
Trill pruning a tree

The next Park Tidy Day is on the 9th of April. We hope you can attend!

The remaining Park Tidy Days for 2016 are as follows: 8 October, 12 November, and 10 December

We may move the December date [to better fit with our park events], but we'll give you plenty of notice. Be sure to check here to confirm the dates before turning up.

The Flower Fund

As a result of earlier cuts in the Park Department's budget,  Cale Green Park lost most of its flower beds. The pictures on the right shows what the flower beds used to look like. In fact, the top picture is from the council's leaflet for Cale Green Park. Now, it's virtually all lawn... We managed to salvage the tubs by the band stand [I know, it's not much of a victory], but these need to be planted twice a year. 

The Friends of Cale Green Park are raising funds to buy plants for these tubs, and more bulbs for Cale Green Park, Bell’s Paddock and  Kevin’s Corner... The Garden of Eden has kindly donated many plants and hyacinth and narcissi bulbs. So the green spaces in these areas should look more colourful than ever in the future.

If you would like to contribute to the Flower Fund, you can leave any cash or plant donations with Rita Thompson at 5 Beech Road.

Becoming a Friend

It's easy to become a friend. There are no dues to pay, nor is there an initiation ceremony. All you need to do is
  •  Come to one of our tidy days (second Saturday of the month, 10am - 2pm)
  •  Attend one the group's meetings. If you want to attend, please contact us and we'll send you details of the next venue.
  •  Volunteer to help out at one of our public events.
  •  Sign up to receive the minutes of the group's meeting, or ask for copies of past minutes to see what we've done.
  •  Contribute to the Flower Fund.

See, it's very easy! You don't have to do all of them, just do one of these and you're a Friend.

Scoop the Poop

Our park is used by many dog owners, and the vast majority of them pick up after their dog. However, there are a very small percentage of owners who do not pick up after their dogs. These owners enter the park, and let their dogs run away. The dog travels several yards, and then deposits his poop. The owner will argue that the dog has traveled a great distance, and that it’s very hard for them to find the exact area where the poop is located. Oddly enough, it’s very easy for children to find it. They walk right over to it, and often pick it up. Pet waste is full of bacteria, parasites and viruses that can make wildlife and people sick! In fact, many dogs and puppies are infected with the parasitic worm, toxocariasis, which can cause stomach pains, fever and even blindness. Freshly deposited faeces are not infectious as the eggs take 2-3 weeks to develop, so you can safely clean up after your dog. However, once developed, the parasite can contaminate soil or sand for up to 2 years!

Most dog owners are incredibly responsible. Not only do they pick up their own dog’s waste, but they also pick up any other dog waste that they see in the immediate area. Yet, in a recent tidy day, we managed to fill an entire bin bag with poop that was scooped from just one small area of the park. We know that the problem in the park is attributable to very small minority of dog owners, and all we can really do is ask dog owners  to please help keep the park clean and tidy, and  scoop the poop! 

If you see someone who is not cleaning up after their dog, please report them to the Dog Warden Service on 0161 474 4207. 

Stay Clear of the Dogs with Yellow Ribbons 

Have you ever heard of Yellow Dog UK? If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandanna or similar on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space. Please, do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog and his walkers know, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.

The Friends of Cale Green Park originally had three events each year: the Easter Monday Farmers Market, the summer event, and the Christmas event. But organizing the Farmers Market was too complicated, so we stopped having one in 2014. 

Our two events for 2016 are have been scheduled for Sunday, 26 June (from 1:00 - 5:00) and Sunday, 4 December (from 12:30 - 3:00)The summer event is the big one with rides, live music, children's entertainment, and great food. We could try the same in December, but the weather in December is too unpredictable. So, the Christmas event is more intimate.

All our events are free and as a result, they are an ideal opportunity for the community to get together and talk to one another. In addition to the entertainment, we also provide homemade cakes and tea/coffee from the community room, crafts made by the local residents, and of course, a raffle to support future events and bulb plantings in the park.

Egg  Spoon Race

Over the years, the entertainment has included Crazy Tramps, Rock Back the Clock, Stockport Silver Band, Elmfield Brass Band, Rudolf the Rodeo Reindeer, Egerton Park Arts College Samba Band, Annie's Saints & Sinners (jazz band), Shuttlers' Clog Dancers, St George's Hand Bell Ringers, the Falconry Centre (Hagley), the Loose Change band and Amazing Stephen [children's magician]. 

If you have any ideas for our park events, we would love to hear from you. If you would like a stall at one of our events, please contact us at least 4 months before the event. 

The Summer Event

Our 2015 summer event was arguably our best event ever. It was easily our most profitable event, and we owe a big thank you to all the entertainers - Rock Back the Clock [a superb 50s Rock & Roll Band], and Frank Welsh [Punch & Judy Show]. We should also mention Gez's Coconut Shy, all the food providers (the hog roast, Lakeland picnic [burgers], the homemade cakes, etc), the donkey ride, and face painter. It should be emphasized that this event was funded entirely by our crowdfunding campaign. Some pictures of the event can be seen on our Facebook page.

Christmas in the Park

The 2015 Christmas in the Park was once again headlined by the Elmfield Brass Band. This event was easily our best attended [and most profitable] winter event. The terrible weather on the Saturday meant that many people who wanted to go somewhere couldn't. Combine this with the attraction of a free Santa's Grotto and unseasonably mild weather, and it's no wonder that the park was inundated with children. As usual, we sold raffle tickets, cups of tea and slices of homemade cake to raise money for the group. 

Our annual collection for the Wellspring's Rucksack Project was also fantastically successful. We had almost a dozen boxes full of things for them, and it was greatly appreciated.

The Farmers Market

The Easter Monday Farmers Market was last held on 1 April 2013. We had 15 market stalls selling preserves, bread, burgers, pies, cakes, black pudding, and olive oil. We also had a raffle, an Easter Egg Hunt, an egg and spoon race, a magician for the children, and Shuttler's Clog (clog dancers and musicians). 

This event was very well attended, and was arguably the groups most profitable event to date. However, we will not be running a Farmers Market again. The simple reason is that Stockport Council made organizing the farmers market too tedious and time consuming to organize and no one in the group could spare the time to organize it. 

Cancelled Poster

Community First

Community First funded two of the Friends of Cale Green Park events in 2013 [the Easter Monday Farmers Market and "Busking in the Park"]. In addition, they gave us £500 in matched funding for our crowd funding campaign, and £750 towards our Christmas 2014 event. We used that money to buy a generator to power the PA system. Thank you, Community First! 

They have put together a document which talks about the wider area (Davenport and Cale Green Ward), and their aims. It makes fascinating reading, and we hope you will download it and read it.  If you have any comments about that document, please send them to us [using the message box at the bottom of the page]. The Community First Programme has finished, but you can visit their Facebook page [which records their accomplishments] by clicking here.


A Map of the Park
To date, the Friends of Cale Green Park has organized seven summer events, seven winter events, and four Farmers Markets. The costs of putting on these events has come from grant monies and monies raised from the sale of tea, coffee, cakes, and raffle tickets. 

We used to think that our bank balance was reasonably healthy. However, the cuts by Stockport Council have dealt us two devastating blows. First, grants are drying up, so fundraising is becoming increasingly difficult. Secondly, we will have to start paying for park staff help and insurance at our events (both of which had previously been provided for free by the Council). To make matters worse, we had to cancel our most profitable event [the Easter Monday Farmers Market] because of increase Council red tape. Fortunately, our crowdfunding campaign was a big hit, and this helped mitigate the impact of these effects. In fact, we raised enough money to fund all our events for 2014 and 2015.

The Owl

In 2011, we received funding from Forever Manchester to transform a tree stump into an owl seat. However, the tree in Cale Green Park that we were originally going to use turned out to be diseased and thus unsuitable. Fortunately, we managed to find a suitable dead tree in Bell’s Paddock.  The tree was carved by Tim Burgess, an award winning chainsaw sculptor, and the resulting owl has become a community favourite.  You can see a short video clip of the owl being carved by clicking on YouTube

The Circle of Benches

The Friends of Cale Green Park are most proud of the restoration of the benches in the centre circle by the band stand. When the group was formed about 6 years ago, only a few benches were left standing, and they were in very poor condition. Through our efforts and perseverance, we finally managed to re-install the left side of bench circle with ten of the original cast iron bench ends. We very recently just finished the right side [which previously had no benches], so the circle of benches is now complete.

We managed to acquire the bench ends from other parks who were removing their benches (which thankfully are identical to ours). 

We owe a great deal of thanks to Steve Thompson for his help in acquiring these bench ends, not to mention the stellar work he has done helping us during our park events.

Bell's Paddock

Although many local residents call it "Crocus Corner", its official title is Bell's Paddock. 

Every October, the scheduled Park Tidy Day becomes our annual bulb planting day. Over the years, we planted hundreds of bulbs in this area, and the flowers that the residents are now seeing are the results of our efforts. Just look at this stunning display in 2013. And residents tell us that it's even better this year!
crocus corner
Bells Paddock
In 2012, we added the Owl to the Bell's Paddock. The community instantly fell in love with her. Shortly thereafter, the Council planted a sweet chestnut tree just behind the Owl. 

In 2013, we added a display board. The board will contain a historical description of the Bell's Paddock - similar to what you see by the band stand in Cale Green Park. We're working on the wording, so stay tuned for news about the installation.

The Fern Garden

If you were to go into the basketball courts, you'll notice on the right hand side that there's a locked area between the courts and the railway line. The Friends of Cale Green Park have turned this area into a fern garden. It's in it's early stages of development, but the garden needs looking after as litterbugs throw empty cans and bottles, food wrappers and even traffic cones from Bramhall Lane into the garden. At this point in time, only the Friends of Cale Green Park has access to the Fern Garden.

St George's Christmas Tree Festival

For the past few years, St George's Church has had a Christmas Tree Festival. The Friends of Cale Green Park entered their first tree in 2011, and that tree was based on wildlife in the park. The tree featured birds, badgers, owls, foxes, etc. In 2012, the tree was based around litter [pictured]. Cans, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers and bags were all transformed into Christmas decorations. To highlight some of the issues, soft drink cans were turned into signposts displaying interesting facts about litter. In 2013, the theme was "a year in the park". In 2014, the theme was "creatures in the park". In 2015, the theme was "birds and berries". If you have any ideas for what the 2016 them should be, drop us a line using the form at the very bottom of this page.
The Friends of Cale Green Park is headed by Melanie Mather Cataquet. The group meets once a month, and minutes are circulated to members. If you would like to be on the group's mailing list or attend any of the meetings, just let us know using the message box at the bottom of this page.
The Friends of Cale Green Park has the following aims and objectives:
   To encourage wider use of the Park by all sections of the local community
   To protect, create, develop and improve Cale Green Park and Bell’s Paddock
   To maintain the high standards of the Park and its facilities
   To stimulate public interest and engender a sense of civic pride in the beauty, history and character of the Park
   To promote sustainable practice and policy so as to enhance the biodiversity of the Park
The Friends of Cale Green Park is really a subgroup of the Cale Green Park Residents Association. We look after anything to do with Cale Green Park, Bell's Paddock and Kevin's Corner...  Don't know where Kevin's Corner is? Click on the tab heading above to see a map of its location.

We have received grants from Greenspace, the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester (Grassroots Fund), Impact, Stockport MBC Area Flexibility Fund and Community First. The group has also achieved the Community Foundations Quality Standard for Funding.
This is where Cale Green Park is located. One entrance is on Bramhall Lance directly opposite Davenport train station [which is on the Manchester-Buxton line], but the other two entrances are on Heath Road. The park is accessible via the following buses: 309/310 Stockport - Cheadle Heath circulars, 372 Stockport - Woodsmoor - North Park Road, 374 Stockport - New House Farm Estate - Hazel Grove station, 378 Stockport - Bramhall Village - Wilmslow. You can get bus timetables online from here  

If you're not a member of the Cale Green Park Residents Association, then you've probably never heard of "Kevin's Corner". Basically, it's a little area on the corner next to the Owl. It's maintained by Kevin Pitchford, so we call it Kevin's Corner.
Below are links to some of our favorite places:
   Cale Green Park leaflet (produced by Stockport Council)

In 2006, Cale Green became a conservation area. Although most of the area is outside the park, you can still see the documents associated with the area appraisal at the Stockport Council website (click here to go directly there). You can see the council's description of Cale Green Park here.

We Raised Over £2,000 During Our 2014 Crowdfunding Campaign!

Over the past seven years, the Friends of Cale Green Park have successfully applied for grants to fund our park events. However, those grants began to dry up. In addition, the latest phase of the Stockport Council budget cuts meant that we will have to hire park staff (over £300 per year) and possibly pay for public liability insurance. Given that it costs us about £750 to run each event, our running costs effectively doubled in 2014. This combination of increased costs and decreased funding led us to try something different. We decided to try crowdfunding.
Altogether, we raised £2,161.50: £1,661.50 was raised through Buzzbnk, and £500 came from a Community First matching grant. You could argue that we raised over £3,500, as coincidentally, we also received £330 from the Area Flexibility Fund, and £1,650 from the Friends of Hallam Gardens (because their group has now been officially dissolved). But these funds were received separately from our campaign, not as a direct result of it. So, it wouldn't be disingenuous to include those funds as part of the total. A summary of our results can be found here.

Crowd Funding Honour Roll

The Honour Roll has been divided into two sections: Fire Starters and Flames. The Fire Starters are the contributors who started the ball rolling and contributed early. They gave us £500 in 5 days, and generated an additional £500 from Community First. The Flames followed that lead and added to the total. Some people have decided to contribute anonymously, while others have chosen to use their pet's name instead. Either way, we are deeply appreciative of every contribution we received. 

Fire Starters. Jean Perry. Nathan, Kirstie and Clara Buchanan-Milnes. The Bircher Family. The Davies Family. Melanie & Harry. Juan Pablo Angel. Forri. Keith Howard. Hazel Jenkins. PMT WWW. Jody Appleton. Ghoti. Rita and John Thompson. Jane and Simon and Family. C and A Brown.

Flames. Amy Smith. The O’Brien Family. The Doyle Family. Ringo the Dog. The Blackman Family. Michael and Carolyn Walters. The Evans Family. John Wilson. S and P Jenner. Izzie. Kay & Kevin Pitchford. Claire Cowen. Tallis. Anne Strachan. Together Childcare. Bee. Pop-Pop. All at Revesby. The O'Donnell Family. The Clark Family. Blake and Ella. The Funky Monkey Coffee Company. John + Hilary Stirling. Trill Sutherland [A 90th Birthday Donation]. The Penney Family. The Davenport Park Committee. Graham Burns. A'dell Harper.
If you notice any errors in the above list [eg, someone who contributed but isn't on the list or someone who wanted to remain anonymous but is on the list], send us a note [using the message box at the bottom of the page] and we'll make the changes as soon as possible

Gethin's Photo Corner

All of the following pictures were taken by Gethin Evans at the either the 2013 or the 2012 Easter Monday Farmers Market. In 2012, it was warm and wet. In 2013, it was cold and windy. But regardless of the wind, rain, snow or heatwave, everyone always has a great time at our park events. We have many more pictures, but to see those, you'll have to visit our Facebook page. Their you'll see pictures of the 2014 and 2015 events.
Egg and spoon race (2013 Farmers Market)
The French Bread Stall is one of the most popular stalls (2013 Farmers Market)
Shuttlers Clog (2013 Farmers Market)
Another view of Shuttlers Clog (2013 Farmers Market)
The Shuttlers Clog dancers can't dance if there is no music playing. Here's their band. Can you tell they're freezing? (2013 Farmers Market)
Here's Melanie Mather Cataquet (organizer of the Easter Monday Farmers Market) explaining to Thelma (Easter Bunny) where she's hidden all the Easter Eggs. (2012 Farmers Market)
Bob Afleck is a genuine Rick Stein hero. His black puddings are fantastic! (2012 Farmers Market)
Bored with beef burgers? Just look at this menu from the 2012 Farmers Market. Horse was on the 2013 menu!
Greek olive oil is probably the best in the world. Compare it side by side with the Spanish and Italian varieties and you'll agree. (2012 Farmers Market)
The Amazing Stephen amazing the children with his magic. (2012 Farmers Market)
This is Thelma in her customized Easter Bunny outfit. (2012 Farmers Market)
Like olives? You could buy them green or black, stuffed (with pimentos or garlic) or just stoned. (2012 Farmers Market)
Savin Hill Farm breed and rear Middle White Pigs, British Saddleback Pigs and British White Cattle on their farm. (2012 Farmers Market)

The Legendary Calendar 

In December 2011, the Friends of Cale Green Park printed 40 calendars for 2012. The photos were taken by Melanie Mather Cataquet (who organized all the Farmers Markets and now runs the group) and Gethin Evans (who is our official photographer, resident historian and webmaster of this site). If you bought one of these, you'll know that the quality of the pictures and printing was superb.

Obviously, only 12 pictures were needed for the calendar, but many excellent pictures were available to choose from (especially for the winter scenes). We had hoped to produce a calendar for 2012, 2013, and then 2014, but we had too many other balls in the air, so as the saying goes "maybe next year". Similarly, we had planned to print some of the winter scenes (from 2010) as Christmas cards but again those plans have also been temporarily scrapped. 

If you have some pictures of Cale Green Park that you think might be suitable for either a greeting card, or for use in the calendar, please send us a message (see below). In the meantime, for your enjoyment, here are the pictures that made up the 2012 calendar.













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